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UPDATE May. 5, 2018: I and others have barely scratched the surface of the hoaxing and propaganda inflicted upon America's masses. The deeper one goes down that rabbit hole the more pronounced and obvious the agenda becomes. For the few of you able to escape the hypnotic effect of television and its support by mainline print media, a link to the following online pdf file is submitted:

Serious students can read reviews and buy a copy of Henry Makow's book. Click here:

Many people now question the reality of various "news" events brought to us by television. This website addresses two subjects that most people insist are absolutely unquestionable. The first subject pertains to activities of astronauts in orbit and elsewhere in space. The second pertains to the huge television "news" blockbuster that TV brought to us on 9/11.

Columns that I have written over the past several years and published on, along with the readers' comments about the 9/11 televised narrative and NASA's allegations, were removed in May, 2017 without explanation. I thought it might be a nice idea to make this "sister website" to on which to post a few of those columns for consideration.

UPDATE: Links to a number of my other VT columns, recovered from the Wayback Machine, have been posted online in, courtesy of Mr. Simon Shack:


Thank You, NASA!
Are Challenger's Flight Crew Members Alive?

Stuff We Believed But Should NOT Have

SIMON SHACK'S SeptemberClues (dot info: website)


NEW: The great actor, Peter Sellers, played "John Lennon" for MLM entertainment.

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