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I have taken the time to locate and publish the above photos because the vast majority of persons are incredulous when first presented with the fact that The Beatles, together with John Lennon, became a major production of Illuminati entertainment elites. Such popular acts, skillfully financed and promoted, provide genuine enjoyment for a great many people. The British boys were co-opted to become a part of a socially problematical "hippie culture" designed to denegrate a growing and threatening intellectual and campus-centered anti-war movement. The "Charles Manson" hippie hoax murders were a hugely successful part of the same agenda, tarring with the same crazy brush anyone who opposed the Vietnam War idiocy.

Lennon became a problem. After succeessfully combatting the U.S. Immigration Service's repeated attempts to have him deported, Lennon expressed an interest in running for public office. An anti-war position from the man who wrote the song "Imagine" constituted the supreme heresy to the military-industrial complex, its corporate and military officers, and to the international bankers. In 1975 Yoko Ono called him back to the Dakota for some reason and he mysteriously separated from what was seen to be a loving relationship with May Pang. One way or another, Lennon had to go.

Lennon himself was obliged to step aside. His role was shared with Peter Sellers at the behest of financial elites. Sellers, who suffered from heart disease died of a massive heart attack in July, 1980. The cause of death was natural. His father and son died of the same condition. Of course, Sellers' "John Lennon" character had to be eliminated. It was successfully terminated a few months later by means of a CIA-staged faux "assassination". Both the "assassin" as well as the doorman of the Dakota apartment building, Jose Perdomo, have been outed as CIA personnel. Space here precludes full documentation. If you have little else to do you can begin your own research. It is interesting that May Pang's recollections of the good days with Lennon then included eye-witness accounts of unidentified flying objects, presumably extraterrestrial. The powers that be seldom miss an opportunity to insert more of their own fun stuff.

Where the real John Lennon was in immediately subsequent years is unknown. Today we can ponder a mountain of evidence that John Lennon is alive and well, performing as a "Lennon impersonator" under the stage name of Mark Staycer. If these facts haven't yet blown your mind, check out Miles Mathis' work and enjoy this video.

I consider "Mathis" to be the quintessential limited hangout, probably a committee. See and click on "Writings". Their John Lennon, Charles Manson, and O.J Simpson-trial exposures are mind-opening in contrast to their shoddy JFK "revelations" (the latter being the LH goal).

It is only reasonable for financially promoted wildly popular musical productions to contain propaganda designed to further an agenda. See Dave McGowan's Laurel Canyon 1960's music-scene research. In the case of the Beatles there included repetitious and obvious messages designed to trivialize Christianity and to bring an appreciative acceptance of drugs to the masses of a younger generation in America.

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